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Knowing your wealth and financial plans are in order and arranged in line with your personal goals can give you valuable peace of mind. People choose to work with an expert financial planner for many reasons; having a clear picture of your current financial situation and knowing you’re not paying any more tax than you need to are just two examples.

For those with complex financial affairs, the need for pragmatic financial planning and investment management advice is even greater.

Finding the right adviser, who you can work with for the long-term, is essential.
That’s why you need clarity.

What our customers say

  • Group Communications Director

    I always like these one-to-one sessions as they bring together all the things that I have been thinking about over the year into a plan that is actually enacted; and I know that I will actually get to where I am intending to go.

  • Private Client

    Glyn has been incredibly patient, helpful and given me excellent advice. I have also learnt a great deal about the world of finance. I feel very fortunate that he is looking after my affairs.

  • Private Client

    I have found clarity very useful in helping me to schedule, monitor and control my financial affairs with their efficient diary and valuation services.

About clarity

clarity is an award winning firm of chartered financial planners with offices in London, Woking, Cambridge and Singapore. We have delivered bespoke fee-based financial advice and education to clients across the UK since 1997. Our business is built on the principles of independence, honesty and integrity and our aim is to provide our clients with high quality financial planning and investment management services to help them achieve their goals in life.

Financial planning advice as individual as you

clarity provides financial planning services rather than products; everyone’s financial circumstances are different, so there is no ‘off the shelf’ solution. The majority of our clients work with us on a long-term basis, but we also provide one- off financial planning advice if you just need our help for a particular issue.

Where your financial plan requires us to recommend particular products or investment strategies, we always make sure you fully understand how these work and, where relevant, any risks involved.

Our Clients

Our Services

clarity provides expert financial planning and investment management services for high earning individuals and those with complex financial affairs. Our flexible approach means you can tailor our services to meet your needs; allowing you to access the advice that is right for you, when you need it.

We also have specialised services from not-for-profit groups and employers.

Strategic Financial Advice

  • Identify and understand your financial planning objectives;
  • Develop a robust financial plan in line with your life goals;
  • Optimise your tax position; and
  • Continually monitor and review your financial arrangements to ensure you stay on track.

Investment Management Services

  • Recommend appropriate investments and wrappers;
  • Assess how well your current portfolio meets your needs; and
  • Regularly monitor, review and rebalance your investments.

Expert guidance, website tools and calculators

  • Access our clarityONLINE including our virtualWRAP™ service at;
  • Benefit from expert guidance, opinions and research; and
  • Use our calculators and other interactive modelling tools.

Research and Tools

For those who are keen to play a more active role in managing their investments, clarity provides you with the tools to enable you to do just that; from research through to interactive calculators and regular updates. clarityONLINE provides access to a wealth of information and interactive tools to help you manage your finances.

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Fund Focus

The fund focus is a regular update from our Investment research team. It combines investment market commentary with analysis of our buy list funds, commenting on relative performance, and comparing sector performance.

Buy List

The funds on the clarity buy list are selected through use of a statistical filter, which grades funds according to relative performance, risk and costs.


This web support incorporates a series of calculators for mortgages, investments and pensions and a full research facility.


This web support incorporates a series of calculators for mortgages, investments and pensions and a full research facility.

Case Studies

We do things differently. We provide bespoke financial services.

Focused on helping our clients to build a strong financial future.

About these case studies

Please note that the following case studies represent real cases where we have fully assessed the suitability of the recommendations with reference to the individual’s particular circumstances. They are simply provided as an indication of the kind of work we carry out and should not be used to act upon without receiving advice on your own personal situation.

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clarity provides expert financial planning and investment management services for high earning individuals and those with complex financial affairs. Our flexible approach means you can tailor our services to meet your needs; allowing you to access the advice that is right for you, when you need it.



clarity provides personalised financial planning and investment management advice. We know that everyone’s financial circumstances are different and so our services are flexible. We can help with all, or just some, of your financial questions. The majority of our clients work with us on a long-term basis, but we also provide one-off financial planning advice where individuals just need our help for a particular issue.

Our clients are typically high earning individuals or families with complex financial arrangements. Our highly qualified team has extensive experience advising individuals throughout the entire financial planning lifecycle.


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Many organisations recognise that financial education should now be an integral part of any employee benefits package. With more financial choices available to individuals than ever before and a constantly changing legislative framework, many people are looking to their employer for help.

The pension landscape has been through significant changes in recent years. As defined benefit (DB) pension schemes have been replaced by defined contribution (DC) arrangements, the responsibility for saving for retirement has moved from employers to employees.

Not for Profit

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Managing the assets and making financial decisions on behalf of a not for profit (NFP) organisation is a significant responsibility that requires due care and diligence. Many trusteeships are voluntary but this does not lessen the burden of responsibility or the range of associated obligations.

clarity’s flexible service structure, fee transparency, independence and proven track record mean that we can meet the rigorous demands of NFP trustees, and ensure they get the financial advice they need. We are experienced in providing financial management advice.

Meet the clarity team

All of our team are qualified to a very high level and are committed to delivering exceptional client service.

  • Angus Jones

    Managing Director

    Angus set up clarity in 1998 having previously worked at PwC for four years. His background is firmly in investment and tax planning advice having previously worked for the financial services division of a senior investment management company in the City, Capel-Cure Myers. He has advised clients for many years in all the aspects of investment, tax and pensions; both in the UK and overseas. Angus holds the qualification of Chartered Financial Planner and is both an Associate Taxation Technician and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment.

  • Glyn Bolton


    Glyn joined clarity in 1999 after seven years working in the City, having initially trained with William Mercer. Glyn is a Director with special responsibility for the investment selection process at clarity. Glyn is also responsible for a number of corporate and individual clients, advising on investment, pensions, and other related topics. Glyn is a Chartered Financial Planner.

  • Claire Brooks

    Associate Director

    Claire is an Associate Director specialising in strategic financial life planning for high net worth individuals, and also heads up technical research within clarity. Claire is a Cambridge graduate who joined clarity in 2002, and is a Chartered Financial Planner and a Fellow of the ICAEW. Prior to clarity she qualified as a Chartered Accountant and a financial planner at PwC.

  • Craig Porter


    Craig is a Chartered Financial Planner who is also in charge of the Paraplanning unit. He is a Fellow of the Personal Financial Society, and holds a Graduate Law Diploma from the College of Law. Craig has over 25 years’ industry experience mainly in technical roles with Legal & General and Standard Life, before joining clarity in 2007.

  • Daniel Smith


    Dan is a Chartered Financial Planner who joined clarity in 2007 and has worked in financial services for over 10 years. He holds the Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning and won the 2012 APFS prize for the highest marks obtained in completing the qualification within the Institute of Guildford. He is a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society.


Our Partners

We have expert partners that provide law, tax, mortgage and currency services.

Latest News

Read the latest news and views from the clarity team.

Update – Protection from the Lifetime Allowance Reduction from April 2016

The Lifetime Allowance (LTA) represents the maximum total pension benefit that an individual can accumulate in registered pensions during their lifetime, without further tax charges applying. The standard LTA for 2015/16 is £1.25 million. From April 2016 this will reduce to £1 million, and it is proposed that the standard LTA will then be indexed to CPI from April 2018. Any excess funds above the LTA when benefits are taken may be subject to a LTA tax charge. This is 55% if the funds are taken as a lump sum or 25% if taken as income, but the income is then also taxable (the result is broadly the same for a 40% income tax payer).

  • By clarity
  • |
  • Published 27 January 2016

EIS Subscriptions and Self-Assessment Payments on Account

If you recently have subscribed to an Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and have to make a self-assessment payment on account by the end of January 2016, please note that it is not necessary to wait for the EIS3 form before applying to reduce the payment on account. The EIS company will need to certify to HMRC that certain conditions have been satisfied. When this assurance is received it can issue form EIS3 to investors. However, this process can take some time to achieve. Should the investor be required to make payment on account before the EIS3 form is received, it is permissible to adjust this payment to take account of the reliefs they reasonably expect to receive.

  • By clarity
  • |
  • Published 12 January 2016

The Chinese “Circuit Breaker”

You will no doubt be aware of last week’s stock market turbulence in China. This has had a knock-on effect on other markets, which in an increasingly globalised economy is no great surprise. In the Chinese stock market, some 80% of investors are individuals investing on their own account, which is very unusual; in a more developed stock market there are far more institutional investors. These individuals have relatively small portfolios, but it does leave many millions of ordinary Chinese exposed to fluctuations in the market. The Chinese government of course has a track record of intervening in their stock market and wider economy in various ways, and it is quite clear that many investors expect the government to intervene to guarantee their investments.

  • By clarity
  • |
  • Published 12 January 2016

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