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How London Cloud Can Help Your Business

Specialising in Professional Services Organisations
Accounting - Consulting - Legal - Architecture & Engineering - Recruitment

We offer a complete ICT outsourcing solution delivered from the Cloud, as a utility, to any device, anywhere, to include whatever level of support (in the Cloud and on-premise) the client requires.

How Cloud Can Help Your Business

  • Cloud-based access to your business data, apps and desktops on any device, from virtually anywhere.
  • Cloud enables all businesses to embrace a mobile workstyle. Our solution provides complete PC-style Desktops-as-a-Service for your applications, data and email, securely delivered over the web.
  • Be free to innovate, to react quickly, to seize the moment, with a simple approach to technology.

The London Cloud Platform Is Unique

Consume ICT as you consume electricity today

While we accept that we are a technology provider, our ultimate goal is to provide you with tangible, positive business outcomes - by leveraging leading edge Cloud technology - be that the London Cloud platform or Office 365.

We accomplish this by first understanding your business needs and your day-to-day ICT pain points. From there, we will work with you to determine what impact (financial and others) these pain points are having on your business as a whole. Once these are understood, we can then set out to show how our offering can address both the pain points and the associated negative impact. We refer to this as delivering "Business Outcomes".

The London Cloud solution is made up of these core components;


We enable you to outsource all or part of your ICT systems (including your telephony) and consume it back from the Cloud, via Hosted Desktops or Hosted Apps, as you consume electricity today.


We do not place all of your eggs (i.e. your data) in one basket. Instead we store your data across 3 totally independent Cloud platforms. As a result, your data is highly available.


London Cloud is certified by the Cloud Industry Forum's Code of Practice - the only body in the UK that governs the delivery of Cloud services to end users.


We are passionate about delivering a consistent end user experience. It's what drives us.


London Cloud leverages industry-leading technologies from Citrix and other market leaders.

Wrap Around Support Service

We can wrap whatever level of support you need around our Cloud solution. You decide.


No matter what type of business you're in, mobility is becoming the norm. To stay competitive and close to clients, employees want to be able to work on the go and remain productive. Additionally, when employees are used to working from anywhere, business keeps running even when you're not in the office.

Cloud Hosted Applications

Cloud hosted application is a service model of cloud hosting allowing users to have a same functionality through their Web browsers without the need of a client-end or upfront installation. Cloud hosted applications are designed to be accessed through Web browsers without the corruption of local computers or its OS.

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